Shaman Records presenta Various Artists Vol.9

2022-03-20 23:17

Shaman Records


Shaman Records presenta Various Artists Vol.9

Shaman Records presenta Michael Gubaew



What are your values?

Authenticity, independence, loyalty


What are your flaws?

Impatient, critical, can't decide what to eat. Haha


Your favourite song?

Thats really a difficult question, I have many songs that I like, but one that I play on almost every set is from Huxley - Power (Original Mix) i like the message behind the song


Your favourite music album?

I would say I don’t have a favorite album, but a special album for me is the MAYDAY COMPILATION from 99. This album was the first experience I had with techno/trance, when I was 7 years old I found this CD at my parents and the first time I heard it it did something to my soul.


Your favourite musician \ singer \ artist?

Boyz Noize. i admire how he dives into many different genres and is successful everywhere, he just does his thing and has fun producing music.


Who inspired you?

that's not an easy question either, i think there are many moments in life that inspired me, the one that inspired me the most is the Tomorrowland festival, when i spent my weekend therei wished to have a life where i meet people who are happy and want to enjoy their life. I think that was the start of my music career. 


A ‘’quote’’ you'll never forget.

Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless – like water. Now you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now water can flow or it can crash. Be water, my friend. - Bruce Lee


An advice you will never forget.

Never fuck your Office. Just kidding, thb not kidding.


Your motto?

Your life is not yours if you care what others think.


What would you have done if you hadn't been an artist?

I would be self-employed, maybe as a life coach


What artists do you recommend to listen to?

Jesse bru does very interesting stuff, his songs are very unique in style and very relaxed, perfect to dive into a harmonic world.


Your Favourite genre?

It depends on what situation, for DJing Techhouse is my favorite genre, for chilling rather House.


Three adjectives to describe your music.

Bouncy, Funny, sometimes Deep.


When did you produce your first track?

3 years Ago


The track that you consider your "business card"

To be honest, I haven't had that one track yet, "never let me and Chocolada" are two tracks I strongly believe in.


The nightclub that changed your life?

To be honest here too, the parties that have influenced me the most are our own raves, when i moved to Berlin 4 years ago, my friends and i started a party collective Kanvas.Berlin , we started to do house parties until our neighbors were desperate, then we started to organize illegal raves, in old abandoned industrial buildings on our first event we had a party with two floors and different chill areas, 15 sofas, a bar and a function one system. We prepared a lot the days before and virtually built our own club in a short time. At the first party almost 400 people came. On our underground raves are very many friendships and contacts developed. Through these experiences we have grown together as a family.


Any advice to those who want to start playing?

Be honest with yourself. As a true artist you should follow your own vision, there's no point in trying to be like someone else because then you're really just a worse copy cat. Every person is special and recognizing that, celebrating it proudly and letting that flow into your music is what makes an artist in my opinion.